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I have come to photography via a fairly unusual route. It was my first iPhone that really got me into photography and started me out on the path that I now find myself on. In 2009 during a cycling trip around the Lake District I took a photograph of Buttermere using an HDR app. It was my first well-composed shot and from that moment I was hooked.

I have always loved exploring the countryside of the UK whether on foot or by bicycle and it is this sense of exploration that I attempt to portray in my photography. I always try and capture a moment rather than simply a scene and I try to express how it felt to be at that place at that moment. Having trained as an engineer, subsequently becoming a software developer I love the technical side of modern cameras and post processing and I revel in the cool new features such as HDR, Liveview and wi-fi control and transfer that modern mirrorless cameras offer.

The locations I shoot are not always the most stunning or well-known but I always try to find interesting places that the viewer may be inspired to visit as a result of my photography.

I shoot digital and reproduce my prints in both colour and black and white depending on the location and the situation. I have never shot film which puts me in the minority as far as "serious" photographers are concerned, but I see it as a positive that allows me to embrace the latest technologies without pre-conceived ideas of how photography should be. Let's face it, there will come a time in the not too distant future when no-one will have started out with film.

One To One Tuition

If you are looking to improve your photography and the images on this website have inspired you then please take a look at the Tuition  page for more information on how I can help you get the most out of your photography and improve your skills.

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